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Meet the Cast

The Calgary Cast

As an offshoot of the original "Westside" cast in Alberta, the Calgary-based 404s have been entertaining at shows in Cow-town and throughout Southern Alberta for years. They also spearhead many of the travelling shows in the Prairies and Pacific coast, all the way to Califoria and Nevada! 


The Toronto Cast

Active since 2004, the Toronto Cast (formerly known as the "Eastside" cast) has enjoyed a lot of success at fandom events in the GTA, around Ontario, into Quebec, and New York State as well! They've also headlined a long-running monthly show in downtown Toronto at the Social Capital Theatre.


The Edmonton Cast

The group that started it all! From its formative days as part of the University of Alberta's anime club in the late 90s, the Edmonton 404s have remained a mainstay presence in local fandom to this day!


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