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Our Spring Season of Improv Was CRAZY - and SUMMER Is looming Large!

Hoo boy, we had a massive spring season indeed! Armed with new performers and banking on TWENTY YEARS of history, The 404s launched into our first bunch of fandom improv performances - and it was intense!

The 404s specialize in fandom improv comedy, and kicked off our landmark 20th anniversary season with three huge convention appearances! First, we dazzled the crowds at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo with a set of comedy shows saluting Super Mario, Dungeons & Dragons, and all the TV & Film productions in Calgary. Then, we returned to Otafest, giving tribute to their own 25th anniversary as we lampooned spy-themed anime, the "isekai" subgenre, and the all-in improvaganza show. And finally, our Toronto cast capped it off at Anime North with shows focused on Pokemon and a giant pastiche of anime shows new and old. Adding in workshops in both Edmonton and Calgary, plus a show back at the Social Capital in Toronto, and you KNOW we had a busy opening filled with improv, nerdity, and laughter.

And no, we're not done! Our summer season will have shows in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto - and that's just what we've announced so far! This summer we'll be having a limited, monthly show in downtown Calgary, that's free for everyone under the sun - literally, because we'll be outdoors. We'll have more to share on those shows in just a few days!

Thanks to everyone at our convention appearances and SoCap shows who made them happen, and of course to everyone who attended every performance. You've made our first twenty years incredible, and we look forward to entertaining you for many years to come!

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