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YES, it's the end of our 2022 season, AND..!

We're currently on break for the rest of the year, but by no means are we slowing down! Next year, The 404s will be celebrating TWENTY YEARS of improv comedy for fans everywhere. In addition to our awesome shows at fandom events around Canada (and who knows where else?), we'll be back and creating laughter like never before. We've also started the hunt for the NEXT generation of The 404s performers. Stay tuned for more info on that, our 2023 shows, and for all the fun we'll have in store.

Thanks to our awesome fans, The 404s have made a triumphant return to live shows across the country. From the bottoms of our nerdy hearts to yours, THANK YOU for your support as we weathered the storm of the Covid pandemic. We had changes and setbacks just like every other comedy team... But we've emerged alive, licked our wounds, and mounted a year's worth of comedy shows that brought us back to the fans we love. What will the next year hold for The 404s? Check back here for deets. It won't be long in coming, and it will be fantastic. Join us for our 20th anniversary, starting in January 2023!

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