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The 404s - LIVE At The Calgary Expo - April 21-24!!

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

We’re back! The 404s are thrilled to be returning to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo - and we are EXPLODING with pent-up fandom energy!We are performing each day of the Expo, with different themes and games each time. And as always, each show is unique, unrepeatable, and unmissable.

Of course, we will always need YOUR SUGGESTIONS to inspire our comedy - so be ready with your ideas for crazy characters, mixed-up situations, and favourite nerdy fandoms. The 404s have spent too long in pandemic limbo - join us as we make up for it, with interest!

Showtimes (ALL SHOWS are in Palomino D):

Thursday, 7:15pm - The Weekend Warmup Show: Animation and Anime! (60min)

Friday, 5:45pm - Games, Gamers, Gamify! (60min)

Saturday, 6:00pm - The Heroes and Villains Showdown (60min)

Sunday, 3:15pm - A Fandom Free-For-All! (90min)

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